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My Favorite Videos and Lessons

Of the thousands of lessons on YouTube and the dark reaches of the internet, this short interview with Stevie Ray Vaughan has shown me what true dedication to mastering the guitar looks like. The connection he has to his craft is pure love. Prepare to witness a master at work: As hysterical as he can come off, do not be fooled, Paul Gilbert is an absolute master of the guitar as well. His dense vocabulary of shred can become available to you if you can keep up!   B.B. King was a tremendous influence on my guitar playing early on. His ability to convey such emotion through his guitar solos enveloped my soul with inspiration. He can speak to your heart with his guitar. His spirit as a person will also be missed. Grab a chair, get comfy, and listen to uncle B.B. Have you heard of Snarky Puppy yet?

Electric Guitar Buyers Guide

Determine your budget How much are you looking to spend? Is this your first guitar or have you been playing for a while? These are the first questions you want to ask yourself. If this is your first guitar, or your new to playing guitar, you may not want to spend too much $$$. Your first guitar will get beat up and scratched no matter what – so please do yourself a favor and don’t buy your dream guitar as your first guitar. At the same time, you don’t want to buy the cheapest guitar in the store – in most cases, the cheapest model is more difficult to learn on as it doesn’t play that well. If your completely new to playing guitar and your looking to save some money, I’d recommend trying to find a “guitar package” that comes with the amp, cables, tuner and everything else you will need all in one neat tidy package. If you have been playing for a little while, I’d recommend pairing a guitar and amp yourself - you'll get a much more unique tone but chances are it will cost