How does this work?

Drew Krag Live is a private facebook group that offers live guitar lessons once a week on Thursdays. Members are encouraged to ask questions and interact with Drew by commenting on the video during the live stream. Drew Krag Live can be accessed with a $30 monthly subscription through Paypal. Once you have paid for your subscription, email Drew at skypeguitarclasses@gmail.com , he will then invite you to join the private Facebook group. Click below to get started:

What do I need to take online lessons with Drew?

1. A computer, phone, or tablet with facebook installed.

2. A guitar.

3. A decent internet connection / data

4. PayPal, Venmo, or major credit card.

What playing levels does Drew teach?

Level 1 Beginner Class -- This class is for strait beginners, or people who have been playing for a little while, who know a few chords, and may be struggling with techniques like chord switching, strumming, and playing simpler rhythm based songs.

Level 2 Intermediate Class -- This class is for more intermediate players, who have been playing for a couple years, who have an expanded chords and scales vocabulary, and may be struggling with techniques like playing barre chords, switching between barre chords, soloing, bending, hammer-ons, & pull-offs.

Level 3 Advanced Class -- This class is for the advanced player who has been playing for multiple years, who has a strong vocabulary of chords and scales, and may be struggling with music theory, chord structure, connecting chords and scales, advanced solo phrasing, soloing in different styles (blues, jazz, rock, etc), and techniques like two hand tapping, hybrid picking, economy picking, sweep picking, or natural, artificial, and pinched harmonics.

Use our payments page to purchase a subscription to the class, and then (VERY IMPORTANT) email Drew at skypeguitarclasses@gmail.com with your name on facebook and which class you want to attend - if Drew doesn't know your name, he will not be able to add you to the private fb group.

Once you receive a confirmation email from Drew, your set to tune in to the lessons!

Are virtual guitar lessons effective?

Yes. I have had many lessons over Skype, Zoom, and live stream and the overall experience is very similar to an actual face to face guitar lesson. I can show you close-ups of each hand and cover material that is relevant to your specific taste and goals.

What about materials and tabs?

All materials will be provided to you in digital format (.pdf's or .jpg's). Most materials will be pre-made for the lesson.

How much does it cost?

It's a $30 monthly subscription that is processed through PayPal, who accepts all major credit cards and Venmo too!

Are lessons at a set weekly day and time?

Yes. Classes are on Thursday's at 1:30 PST / 4:30EST. Multiple classes will be offered so the exact time of the class will depend on which class you sign up for.  In order to interact with drew, you will have to watch the live stream, however all videos will be available to be re-watched after the live stream.

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