Purchase your subscription to Drew Krag Live by clicking the button below:

After purchasing your subscription, email Drew at: , and he will invite you to join the private Facebook group. Live classes start at 1:30 PST / 4:30 EST every Thursday. 

Drew Krag Live Subscription Policy as of 3.13.20

1. Drew Krag Live is a monthly subscription processed through PayPal that grants subscribers access to a private facebook group where live video guitar lessons will be streamed once a week on Thursdays.

2. To access Drew Krag Live (our private facebook group), you will have to be a current subscriber. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. In that event, your access to Drew Krag Live will remain until the end of the subscribed month.

3. In order to interact with drew during the class, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to attend each week’s lesson at the designated time. It is encouraged that viewers ask questions, comment, and interact with Drew as the live video lesson occurs. If a student does not attend the live class, they will be able to re-watch the videos at their convenience, but you will not be able to interact with Drew or ask questions live.

4. No lessons will be given on major holiday’s such as: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Easter, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.

5. If the teacher feels that the student/subscriber is any way disrespectful, mean, or not constructive, the teacher reserves the right to drop that student from the group.

6. Absolutely no refunds.

By subscribing to the Drew Krag Live Subscription you have agreed that you have read and understood all the information above.

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